Thank you for registering to attend the workshop titled ‘Audit Data Analytics: Insight Driven Analytics for Internal Auditors’ being held in Dubai on 20 September 2017.

Our workshop is hands-on. As outlined in the advertising materials, attendees are required to bring along a laptop with Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 installed for use throughout the workshop and you are expected to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

To get maximum benefit from the course there are a couple of things you need to do before attending:

  1. There are some instructions attached below for you in a pdf file. You need to follow these instructions to activate an add-in for Excel. This will allow you get the most out of the course. Please activate the add-in before attending the training, because if you have trouble activating the add-in (due to application security settings), you will need to contact your company’s IT helpdesk.

Instructions for Installing the Excel Add-in

  1. There are 8 Microsoft Excel files below – please download these onto the laptop you will bring to the workshop since we will be using these for case studies.









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