Document the Preliminary Team Member Meeting

i. Using background and permanent information for the Audit Firm, document outcomes from the preliminary team member meeting, including:

    1. Allocated team members and levels of experience.
    2. Work assignments for each team member, with focus on responsibility for high risk areas.
    3. Any potential independence issues raised by team members. Attached completed questionnaires to the electronic workpapers.
    4. Any other specific directions given by the in-charge auditor.

ii. Draw a conclusion as to whether there are any outcomes from the preliminary team member meeting that will prevent AAA Audit from continuing to accept this client this year, specifically: whether there are appropriately experienced team members available to conduct the audit, the audit can be sufficiently overviewed, whether there are any independence issues which will prevent either the team members or AAA Audit from conducting the audit this year.


Testing Results:






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