What’s in it for you?

You attended Analyse Smarter: Intelligent Data Analysis… In Excel! (i.e. Level 1), but asked “Is there MORE we could be learning?” Yes! This course takes off where the first course ends… with advanced topics. Delve into more complex statistical analysis techniques. Have the opportunity discuss experiences, ‘wins’ and difficulties encountered in applying skills learned from Advanced Data Analytics Level 1 to audits.

Earn 7 CPE hours

Why is this relevant?

Audit research has proven that Advanced Analytics are the most efficient and effective audit and fraud detection techniques. With innovative content addressing practical (and proven) audit tools, going way beyond the basics, this course explores cutting-edge, forward-looking auditing techniques. Additionally, the course content serves as a basis for continuous controls monitoring by teaching advanced statistics which can be modelled and monitored.

What will you learn?

  • Refresh the basics of regression analysis
  • How to construct prediction intervals (bounds) for non-linear data
  • How to isolate the fixed and variable cost components of regression data
  • Identification of polynomials beyond the second order
  • Identification of seasonal/cyclical data and eliminating seasonality
  • Multivariate regression, correlation analysis and charting beyond 2D
  • When to apply stepwise regression
  • Introduction to discriminant analysis and simultaneous equations

Who is training suitable for?

  • All auditors (financial, compliance, operational, performance, efficiency, fraud, process, etc)
  • Anyone who has asked “isn’t there a better way?”
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