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What’s in it for you?

Learn how to de-mystify the seemingly mystical world of IT. We teach you how to understand the controls hidden within an automated or IT heavy process so that you can audit the process.  Delve into the world of IT, in plain English, and understand how to ‘see the controls’ and therefore the opportunities to add value to the process.

Why is this relevant?

We’re all IT auditors now! If the dialogue between process auditors and IT auditors is not clear control opportunities may fall thru the cracks and there will be a high possibility of disconnect between risk assessment and control assessment/testing.  Typically Internal Audit Managers complain that “Our audit staff don’t understand the process, focus on the critical processes/functions or focus on the essential controls.” This is particularly true if the IT fear factor takes over and it all becomes ‘too hard’. This course provides the capabilities, perspectives, tools, awareness and opportunities to have more comfort in business process analysis, regardless of the level of IT embedded in the process.

What will you learn?

  • De-mystify IT concepts such as network architecture, firewalls, domains, user schemas
  • Apply IT concepts to a business context
  • Identify risks in a complex application
  • Learn how to flowchart the process
  • Determine whether you are really ‘testing’ or just ‘reviewing’ internal controls?
  • Identify opportunities lost – embedded controls (triggers and configurables)
  • Understand the need for integrated audits

Who is training suitable for?

  • All auditors (financial, compliance, operational, performance, efficiency, fraud, process, etc)
  • Anyone who needs to know: what does this process really look like? Where are the control points?
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